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Laboratory 12 of Catalytic Nanotechnologies

Prof. Mark V. Tsodikov Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Science (Chemistry), Prof. Mark V. Tsodikov

+7 (495) 647-59-27, ext. 304

Laboratory of Catalytic Nanotechnologies conduct research to develop contemporary methods of superfine catalytic systems controlled-angle formation, including:

  • Hybrid membrane-catalytic elements, anisotropic on permeability and catalytic properties;
  • Development of catalytic processes of biomass products and natural gas transformation into liquid fuels and hydrogen-bearing gases components;
  • Development of discovered in the laboratory reaction of reducing dehydration of alcohols into branched alkanes as gasoline and diesel fractions components;
  • Development of membrane-catalytic processes of greenhouse gases, ethanol and glycerine transformation into hydrogen and syngas;
  • Development of scientific bases of fine structural catalysts synthesis and study of nano size catalytic active components physic-chemical properties.
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