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Laboratory 27 "Polymer composites and adhesives"

Head of Laboratory: Sergey V. Antonov, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
+7 (495) 647-59-27, ext. 219
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

The laboratory was founded in 2011 on the basis of Polymer adhesives group. The laboratory is focused on the development of new formulations for pressure-sensitive adhesives and products, heterophase systems and polymer composites. Areas of activity of the laboratory include:

  1. Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA)
    Investigation of the factors governing the formation and failure of the adhesive joints. Study of the relationships between viscoelastic and adhesive behavior of polymer systems. Establishing tack and adhesion criteria. Development of new polymer adhesives:
    1. for medical applications (patches, wound dressings, transdermal and transmucosal drug delivery systems);
    2. filled PSAs;
    3. smart PSAs (thermo- or pH-senstive);
  2. Polymer composites
    Modification of polymer matrices to improve their toughness, modulus, thermal stability etc.  Study of adhesion between filler and matrix in polymer composites and ways of its enhancement. Experimental study and modeling of kinetics of filler impregnation in the process of polymer composites manufacturing. Functional polymer composites: formulation, manufacturing and application.
  3. Various adhesives
    Development of customer-oriented adhesives on request, including glues, PSAs, hot-melt adhesives.

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