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Laboratory 11 "Polymers Rheology"

Prof. Valery G. Kulichikhin Head of Laboratory, corresponding member of RAS, Prof. Valery G. Kulichikhin
+7 (495) 952 41 45

The Laboratory was founded in 1964 by Prof. Georgy V. Vinogradov, an eminent Soviet scientist, who run the laboratory till 1985. In this period the fundamentals of theoretic and experimental rheology of not only polymers but also oils, consistent greases, lacquers, paints and other viscoelastic materials were created. Prof. G. Vinogradov managed to involve many outstanding specialists in mechanics and physical chemistry in the work of the laboratory and to educate a whole pleiad of scientists not only in Moscow but in many USSR scientific centres. The great merit of the laboratory was development of new rheological equipment (jointly with special design bureau of TIPS RAS). The Laboratory flourished in 1970-1980 when it became widely recognized within the world rheological society. Professor Valery G. Kulichikhin, corresponding member of RAS, has run the Laboratory since 1986. At present the Laboratory conducts research in the following areas:

  • Rheology of polymer solutions and melts under shear, compression, uniaxial tensile deformations;
  • Manufacturing of nanocomposites on the basis of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer matrices and their rheological properties;
  • Molecular and phenomenological theoretical rheology, including anisotropic viscoelasticity theory;
  • Miscibility of polymers with and high- and low-molecular liquids, role of interphases in rheological behaviour;
  • p-V-T properties of polymeric systems;
  • Thermal and electrophysical properties of polymers and nanocomposites;
  • Tribological properties of polymers and nanocomposites;
  • Synthesis and properties of linear and comb-shaped liquid-crystal polymers;
  • Development of multiphase adhesive matrices for transdermal and transmucosal drug delivery;
  • Preparation and investigation of properties of the solutions of cellulose and other natural polymers, films and fibers prepared on the base of polysaccharides.
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