Vinogradov Society of Rheology

Archival information

Rheological Symposia

The Society organizes the symposium on rheology every two years in Russia with a predominantly Russian-speaking reports.

15th Symposium - Odessa (1990 .) (abstracts)

16th Symposium - Dnepropetrovsk (1992 .)

17th Symposium - Saratov (1994 .) (abstracts)

18th Symposium - Karacharovo (1996 .) (abstracts)

19th Symposium - Klaipeda (1998 .) (abstracts)

20th Symposium - Karacharovo (2000 .) (abstracts)

21st Symposium - Ostashkov (2002 .) (abstracts)

22nd Symposium - Valdai (2004) (program)

23rd Symposium - Valdai (2006) (program)

24th Symposium - Karacharovo (2008) (program)

25th Symposium - Ostashkov (2010) (program, abstracts)

26th Symposium - Tver (2012) (program, abstracts)

27th Symposium - Tver (2014) (program, abstracts)

28th Symposium - Moscow (2016) (program, abstract)

29th Symposium - Tver (2018) (program & abstracts)

30th Symposium - Tver (2021) (program, abstracts).

Conferences of Young Scientists "Rheology and physico-chemical mechanics heterophase systems"

The Society organizes a conference-school for young scientists in Russia with a predominantly Russian-speaking reports:

1st Conference - Karacharovo (2007) (program, abstracts)

2nd Conference - Zvenigorod (2009) (program)

3rd Conference - Suzdal (2011) (program, abstracts)

4th Conference - Moscow (2015) (program, abstracts)

5th Conference - Moscow (2015) (abstracts and program)

Annual Vinogradov Rheological Society Meetings

In 1996 the Annual Vinogradov Prize (diploma and purse) was established. The Honorable persons are invited to make a report at the society meeting. Laureates in last years are listed below.

in 1996 - Prof. Dr. Yu. Deinega (Kiev, Ukraine), Prof. Dr. A. Malkin (Moscow), Dr. L. Ivanova (Moscow) and Dr. E. Frenkin (Moscow);

in 1997 - Prof. Dr. Z. Shulman (Minsk, Belarus) and PhD student A. Tereshin (Moscow);

in 1998 - Prof. Dr. L. Priss (Moscow) and Prof. Dr. L. Faitelson (Riga, Latvia);

in 1999 - Prof. Dr. V. Kuleznev (Moscow) and Dr. N. Shakirov (Perm, Russia);

in 2000 - Prof. Dr. V. Kulichikhin (Moscow) and Prof. Dr. A. Isaev (Akron, USA);

in 2001 - Prof. Dr. A. Leonov (Akron, USA) and Dr. V. Volkov (Moscow);

in 2002 - Prof. Dr. V. Dreval (Moscow) and Prof. Dr. N. Entov (Moscow);

in 2003 - Prof. Dr. V. Izmailova (Moscow, post mortum) and Prof. Dr. A. Stolin (Chernogolovka, Russia);

in 2004 - Prof. Dr. N. Uriev (Moscow);

in 2005 - Prof. Dr. V. Ionova (Moscow) and Prof. Dr. T. N. Hazanovich (Moscow);

in 2006 - Prof. Dr. G. V. Pyshnograi (Barnaul, Rissia) and Prof. Dr. N. N. Samsonova (Moscow);

in 2007 - Prof. Dr. L. B. Kandyrin (Moscow) and Prof. Dr. N. A. Gorbunova (Moscow);

in 2008 - Prof. Dr. S. M. Mizhikovsky (Moscow) and Dr. S. V. Kotomin (Moscow);

in 2009 - Prof. Dr. Y. P. Miroshnikov (Moscow) and Prof. Dr. N. N. Firsov (Moscow);

in 2010 the meeting was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Prof. Georgy Vinogradov;

in 2011 - Dr. A. V. Semakov (Moscow);

in 2012 - Dr. V. V. Makarova (Moscow) and Prof. Dr. M. L. Kerber (Moscow);

in 2013 - Prof. Dr. B. A. Noscov (St. Petersburg);

in 2014 the meeting was devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Laboratory of Polymer Rheology (TIPS RAS);

in 2015 - Dr. S. O. Ilyin (Moscow);

in 2016 - Dr. N. M. Zadymova (Moscow);

in 2017 - Dr. A. N. Rozhkov and Dr. A. V. Bazilevsky;

in 2018 - Dr. S. A. Patlazhan and Dr. V. S. Novosadov;

in 2019 - Dr. A. Arinstein;

in 2020 - Dr. I. Y. Skvortsov;

in 2021 - Dr. M. V. Mironova.


Other Events

in 2011 - The 7th Annual European Rheology Conference (AERC 2011) - Suzdal, Russia (abstracts)

in 2011 - The "Actual Problems in Rheology and Physical Chemistry of Colloid and Polymer Systems" Symposium (Moscow) devoted to the Jubilee of Prof. Dr. V. G. Kulichikhin (program)