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Vinogradov Society of Rheology Vinogradov Society of Rheology

G.V. VinogradovThe Society of Rheology of the USSR was created in 1989 and it became a member of the International Rheological Committee (IRC) in 1990. The first USSR Symposium on Rheology was held in Moscow in 1965. Professor G.V. Vinogradov (b.1910-d.1988) was the organizer, Chairman and the most active participant of the first and subsequent 15 All-Union Symposia. After the collapse of USSR and with the intention to save our Community, in 1992 the Society was renamed "Vinogradov Society of Rheology". Nowadays it comprises the countries of the former USSR.

30th Symposium on Rheology

from 26/09/2021 to 02/10/2021 at Country complex "Barskaja Usadba", Tver region

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